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Expats in Cyprus aren’t only there because of tax

“Decent, civil folk, who had been brought here … by a perfectly honourable passion for sunlight and low income tax.” Such is Lawrence Durrell’s description, in his classic 1950s travelogue Bitter Lemons, of British expats in Cyprus. The British passion for sunshine is undimmed, and by and large we’re as decent and as civil, but in this climate of austerity there is less sympathy available, it seems, for those expat Brits who retire to Cyprus and enjoy the current version more »

Don’t learn Greek in English: learn to read Greek

When people go on holiday to Greece or Cyprus, they often learn a few phrases for themselves before they go. They learn the words for please, thank you, hello and goodbye, and how to order a beer. But instead of learning them in Greek letters, they sometimes learn what I call “Greek in English”: in other words, they commit to memory English spellings such as parakalo, efharisto, yassou, mia beera, and so on. Personally I think that’s a mistake, which more »

Expat guide reviewed … and recommended

Expat website has published a glowing review of Islebright's 2013 expat guide, 101 Reasons to Live Abroad ... & 100 Reasons Not To. Interestingly, reviewer Catherine concludes that the guide is not just for Brits.